Testimonials & Travelers of the Quarter


Connie S.

With our reunion Zoom-meeting, Ambassador Lora Black asked us an important question: If you were to recommend Women of the Midwest to a friend what would be your biggest selling point to them?

I gave this question some thought. I concluded that this women’s travel group is special because the WARMTH starts from the top with Anne Fuldby-Olsen, Founder, and continues to filter down to the Ambassadors. Lora and the other Ambassadors build warmth and unity with the group to create a safe inviting travel experience. Lora stated at the time that my comment brought tears to her eyes, this shows how much Lora’s passion for travel drives her to focus on a positive outcome for all. I look forward to my next tour with Women of the Midwest and the memories we will create.

Thank you for creating such well-planned trips that offer a smorgasbord of joyous experiences.

Happy travels are just around the corner!

– Historic South and future tours


Anne M.

What a fun group! Great trip, all the details planned for you!

Read Anne’s comments in full here!

ITALY 2019

Olga S.

Still having Italy-inspired dreams. I wake up suddenly at night and am surprised I am in my own bed at home and not at one of the hotels we stayed in! It was a lovely trip.

Lynette K.

Highly recommend this trip! It was amazing experience this fall. Excellent English speaking guides at each site and great memories! Loved every minute.


Mary F.

What great trip, and a fun group to travel with! Read Mary’s comments in full here!

Lori G.

What an experience! My new favorite words are “ohhhhh” & “wow”!!


June R.

Small trips of about 20 so we really get to know each other. I went to the Historic South and it was a fabulous trip!


Judy B.

Very good tour. Just wish the weather had been more cooperative. Our small group got along very well.

Anonymous Traveler

Well planned. I appreciate you proceeding with the trip even though there were so few of us! Barb was great. This was a really fun and educational trip.


Anonymous Traveler

I have traveled to a lot of foreign countries, but this trip was truly my favorite of all time. It was the perfect time of the year for Monet’s Garden (which was my favorite excursion). The ship was very nice, the meals were fantastic, the entertainment was nice, Mike the nightly musician was fabulous. The crew was kind and helpful. I truly have no complaints!


Deb W.

Someone asked the question “What was your favorite part of the trip”. Well, I got to see a lot of amazing and very interesting things, starting with the tour bus ride from the airport. I was deeply moved by the 911 memorial. I was hesitant to go because I knew it would make me very sad but I am glad I went. I got to see an amazing blend of old mixed into new in a way that only New York can do. Broadway shows, Chinatown, Little Italy, the lights, the sounds, the smells(?) and the list goes on.

But the initial question about my favorite part is easy to answer. I spent 4+ amazing days with 23 amazing women. Being with my awesome sisters and catching up with and getting reacquainted with cousins I don’t see very often was fun. Meeting new people and some of the “next generation” was a hoot. As I spent time with everyone, our time together was filled with fun and laughter and stories and caring and thoughtfulness. Thank you, everyone, for helping me add wonderful pages to my story!


Susan H.

A well-organized and wonderful trip! The itinerary was great and everything went as planned. Loved the small group size for the entire trip and especially in Jerusalem. A fantastic vacation!!!


Anonymous Traveler

Very well-planned trip with excellent accommodations. Local guides were very knowledgeable. Small group travel made everything easier. I would definitely travel again with Women Traveling Solo Together.