Women of the Midwest creates tailor-made tours for women.

We focus on women and their needs when traveling.

Women travelers typically want very different things than what couples are looking for. Tours designed and based on couples often restricts the traveler; the traveler will compromise. Our Women on the Midwest concept caters to the needs of women wishful of traveling together – solo or two-by-two – we focus on tour activities and travel at a pace that women love. No compromises!

Not all women are identical, of course! We offer a variety of tours with a focus on different interests. We offer tours with different activity levels, special interests (cooking, quilting, history, yoga …you name it), and tours with a lovely blend of themes.

All Women of the Midwest tours are safely lead by our Ambassadors, women with have a strong network and desire to share their favorite destination with others. We can never include enough of such wonderful women in our travel concept; so if you feel ready to lead a tour or simply would like to learn more about becoming our Ambassador, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.