Pair & Share Service

Pair & Share Service

Just because you travel Solo, doesn’t mean you have to pay more!

Welcome to our “Pair & Share” Service!

We are pleased to offer our solo travelers the opportunity to share a room. Numerous of our travelers sign up for a roommate; this is a popular way of saving money and eliminate the single room supplement. Here’s how it works:

  1. You will initially register based on the specific trip’s single room status and pricing pending securing a possible “Pair & Share” partner.
  2. Once registered, you allow us to share your phone number and email address with other “Pair & Share” prospects registered for the same trip.
  3. Once both travelers agree to share a room, our “Pair & Share”-Agreement is signed. Your invoice and pricing will be adjusted to reflect the shared double room status and rate.
  4. Should your roommate for any reason cancel her trip prior to the departure, you agree to return to the status of a single room with the corresponding pricing. In some cases, travel insurance can reimburse you up to the trip cancellation/trip interruption maximum limit shown in your plan. This could also include the difference between the double room rate and the single room rate. Confirmation of coverage and reimbursement can only be clarified once the cancelation of the roommate is documented in writing and is not guaranteed.

  5. During traveling and if, for any reason, a roommate decides to rescind the “Pair & Share” Agreement, the supplementary cost of a single room for both travelers will be paid directly to the tour manager on the spot for the remaining overnights. Each traveler will pay for her single room supplement. You cannot expect your roommate to pay the additional cost for you.

Please feel free to contact us via phone if you have any questions, (402) 858-0033, ask for Beth!